What is the difference between precision molds and ordinary molds?

What is the difference between precision molds and ordinary molds?

What should we pay attention to in design?

First of all, the critical dimensions of many precision molds are not allowed to have a slope, but the molds are usually made to take full advantage of the tolerance belt plus a small slope, such as gear mounting columns.

When setting up the digital model, we must pay attention to the adjustment of the tolerance. The 3D model provided by the general guest is useless, because many of his dimensions are the limit sizes. If you follow the mold design, the mold is basically scrapped.

Secondly, the drawings must be complete and accurate, try to use inserts, consider the processing, the size depends on the machine as much as possible (the fitter’s technology in the precision plastic mold is strictly in accordance with the drawings. Most of the mold parts strict design tolerances are required, not only for the working part of the cavity and core, but the mounting dimensions of all inserts are strictly limited. Generally controlled at +/-0.005.

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