Excellent weather resistance, guaranteeing long-term use without color, aging cracks (including heat and oxygen aging and light aging);

Good chemical resistance, to resist the erosion of oil and daily chemicals;

Easy moulding, the injection grade material should have enough fluidity to ensure the moulding of complex components and improve production efficiency.

Economy requires material with high performance-price ratio.

Material requirements for exterior accessories

Weather resistance: Weather resistant materials such as AES, ASA (AAS), PC/PBT (PET) should be selected for parts that are not coated or plated.

Heat resistance: Because of the low ambient temperature, the standard heat resistance level can meet the requirements.

Low temperature resistance: Require material to have a certain low temperature resistance, to prevent parts from cracking in winter low temperature environment;

Chemical resistance: to prevent oil and acid rain erosion;

Scratch resistance: The material is required to have a certain surface hardness and low friction coefficient to prevent scratch.

Material requirements for interiors

Heat resistance: Because of the long illumination in summer, the temperature in the carriage is relatively high, so the interior materials are required to have high heat resistance.

Aging resistance: including thermal oxygen aging and light aging, to prevent aging, discoloration and deterioration of components;

Odor: In order to keep drivers healthy, the materials should be low volatility and odor.

Dumbness: In order to ensure driving safety, matte material or matte dermatoglyph should be selected.

Scratch resistance: The material is required to have a certain surface hardness and low friction coefficient to prevent scratch.

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