Injection mold development cost and how to identify a high quality mold.

What is the injection mold?

Injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products; it is also a tool for imparting complete structure and precise size of plastic products. Injection molding is a processing method used in mass production of complex parts of certain shapes, specifically refers to plastics that melt by heat from injection molding machines.
High pressure is injected into the cavity, and after cooling and solidification, a molded article is obtained.

Mold application:

Mold is the basic process equipment for industrial production. As the basic industry of the national economy, the mold involves various industries such as machinery, automobile, light power, electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, etc. The application range is very wide, and it has begun to penetrate into all walks of life and us.
Every aspect of life is in every aspect.
We are inseparable from molds in our lives. Computers, telephones, fax machines, keyboards, cups, etc. are all manufactured through strict injection molding processes.
Therefore, choosing a high-quality injection mold manufacturer is extremely important for our daily life.

  1. The surface of the mold must have sufficient hardness and excellent wear resistance.
    This requires injection mold manufacturers to have certain requirements in the selection of pre-injection mold materials.
  2. The polishing performance of the mold cavity surface must be excellent, so that the surface roughness value is minimized.
    Injection mold processing manufacturers must have a good polishing workshop and equipment to ensure the excellent polishing of the mold.
  3. The mold should have good thermal stability, after the mold has been quenched, the mold size must be guaranteed to be basically unchanged.
    This is very strict with the process requirements of the injection mold processing manufacturers.

The mold development cost of the injection mold
So what is the cost of mold making for injection molds?
In order to obtain more profits, some companies often only compare the price when they choose the injection mold processing and manufacturing manufacturers, but ignore the quality problems, which directly bury the roots of the quality of the late injection mold products.
After all, there are many workshop-style injection molding manufacturers in China, and these companies often do not control the process of the products.
Therefore, when you choose the injection mold processing factory, you must carry out a double assessment of the cost and quality of the injection mold.

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