How to solve the surface sag in 2K mold

The basic reason for surface sag: from the perspective of plastics, when the plastic cools and shrink, insufficient filling will lead to product surface sag or internal cavity.

The causes and solutions of defects are different depending on the location of sag.

  1. When the sag occurs at the final cooling position of the thick-walled product, or at a distance from the sprue:

Cause analysis: The typical thick wall and the surface sag or hole far from the sprue are usually due to the increase of effective viscosity and pressure loss, resulting in insufficient pressure in the mold cavity, resulting in insufficient pressure for filling.

Solution: Increase the feeding pressure and speed up feeding speed

  1. When surface sag or hole appears near the sprue

Cause analysis: sag occurs near the gate, usually due to lack of gate freezing.

There are several reasons affecting gate freezing: it may be caused by the decrease of effective viscosity; In most cases, the gate does not freeze because the plastic temperature increases; High mold temperature will also affect gate freezing.

Solution: By adjusting the mold temperature, plastic temperature, increase the holding time to ensure the gate freezing.

  1. Note: holes and bubbles are easy to confuse. Holes are sometimes mistaken for bubbles. A bubble is a gas trapped inside, and a hole is empty inside.

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