Five Steps Of The Injection Mold Production Process

With the continuous development of automotive electronics, higher requirements for product modeling,

JasonMould here shares the five steps in the injection molding process.

1. The mold structure design

A set of high-quality molds requires not only good processing equipment and skilled mold making workers. Another very important factor is good mold design, especially for complex molds. The mold design accounts for more than 80% of the mold quality.
An excellent mold design is: under the premise of meeting the requirements of customers, the processing cost is low, the processing difficulty is small, and the processing time is short.

To do this, we must not only fully digest the requirements of the guests, but also have an understanding of the injection molding machine, the mold structure, the processing technology and the processing capabilities of the mold factory itself.

2. Therefore, to improve the mold design level, the following should be done:

1). Understand every detail in each mold design and understand the purpose of each part in the mold.
2). In the design, refer to the previous similar design, and learn about the situation in the mold processing and product production, and learn from the experience and lessons.

3). Learn more about the working process of the injection molding machine to deepen the relationship between the mold and the injection molding machine.

4). Understands the process of processed products and recognizes the characteristics and limitations of each process in factory..

5). Understand the test results and mold changes of the molds you designed, and learn the lesson.

6). Try to use the previously successful mold structure when designing.

7). Learn more about the effects of mold water on the product.

8). Study some special mold structures and learn about the latest mold technology.

3. The actual mold materials and selection of standard parts.

In the selection of mold materials, in addition to the accuracy and quality of the product, it is necessary to give the right choice in combination with the actual ability of the mold factory for processing and heat treatment.

In addition, in order to shorten the manufacturing cycle, the existing standard parts are utilized as much as possible.

4. Parts processing and mold assembly

In addition to the optimum structure and reasonable tolerances in the design of the mold, part machining and mold assembly are critical.
Therefore, the choice of machining accuracy and processing methods is absolutely dominant in mold manufacturing.
The dimensional error of a molded product is mainly composed of the following parts:

1. The manufacturing error of the mold is about 1/3

2. The error caused by mold wear is about 1/6

3. The error caused by uneven shrinkage of the molded part is about 1/6

4. The error caused by the inconsistent predetermined shrinkage and actual shrinkage is about 1/6.

Total error = (1) + (2) + (3) + (4)

Therefore, in order to reduce the mold manufacturing error, the machining accuracy should be improved first. With the use of CNC machine tools, this problem has been well controlled.

In addition, in order to prevent the mold from being worn and the error caused by the deformation, in the mold with high processing precision and large product yield, the key to the cavity and core should be quenched.
In order to solve the error caused by the uneven shrinkage of the molded part and the inconsistency between the predetermined shrinkage and the actual shrinkage, one third of the tolerance of the product is generally selected in the manufacture of the mold, and the purpose of the manufacturing tolerance of the mold is to leave a future molding process.
Large adjustment room to solve the error caused by the molding process.

5. Trial Run

A set of molds is designed from the beginning to the end of assembly, but only 70% to 80% of its entire manufacturing process.

For the error caused by the inconsistency between the predetermined shrinkage and the actual shrinkage, the smoothness of the demoulding, and the cooling effect, especially the size, position and shape of the gate on the accuracy and appearance of the product, must be tested by trial mode.

Therefore, the test mode is an indispensable step in verifying the conformity of the mold and selecting the optimum molding process

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