Instability of product dimension means that the dimension change of moulding parts exceeds tolerance limit. The reason may lie in injection moulding machine, injection moulds and injection moulding process.


(1) Injection Moulding Machine


The application of different types of injection moulding machines results in the difference of injection moulding conditions.


(2) Temperature fluctuation – check the faults of thermocouples or temperature controllers;


(3) Instability of screw speed – check hydraulic system;


(4) Unstable injection pressure – check whether there is a consistent buffer in each cycle, or whether the plastic check valve leaks, and repair or replace it if necessary;


(2) Injection Mould


(1) Check whether the gate is blocked by residue;



(2) Check whether the temperature of injection mould is stable, whether the coolant is smooth and whether the cooling circuit is connected correctly;


(3) Check the failure of forming parts;


(3) Injection Moulding Technology


(1) The temperature of injection mould is not uniform or the cooling circuit is unreasonable, which leads to the improper temperature control of injection mould – making corresponding adjustments;


(2) The injection pressure is too low – increase the injection pressure;



(3) Increase injection time and heat preservation time appropriately;


(4) The barrel temperature or the nozzle temperature is too high – make corresponding adjustments;


(5) too low injection speed – increase injection speed.



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