Why plastic parts have deformation when processing

In order to ensure the normal processing of plastic parts, operators need to understand the cause of the abnormal appearance in this process, the better to avoid the abnormal appearance during processing. Below, JasonMould share you the causes of deformation in processing:

  1. During the process of molding, the surplus material is spilled into the gap between the mold and the mold surface and retained on the plastic part. A kind of linear trace on the surface of plastic parts, is by the injection or extrusion of a number of streams of material in the desert diverging and confluence, melting at the interface is not fused, each other cannot be fused as one, resulting in fusion imprinting, affecting the appearance of plastic parts and mechanical properties.
  1. Due to the improper flow of molten material in the mod cavity during processing, resulting in the appearance of plastic parts and the generation of ring, spiral or fog-shaped waveform uneven defects. The surface of the cracks and the resulting damage.
  1. Due to a long time or repeated application of stress lower than the mechanical properties of plastic parts cause by the phenomenon of crack outside or inside called stress cracking; Because it is subjected to a constant load at a specific temperature; The cracks and cracks that occur when some thermoplastic parts are overexposed to heigher temperatures are called thermal stress cracking.

Plastic parts processing mold gate location, molding cycle and other constraints on the mold structure can be predicted, as far as possible to solve or have the corresponding improvement measures. Plastic parts processing should confirm whether metal inserts need preheating or drying treatment. The purpose is to ensure product quality and forming stability.

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