1. Injection cost

According to the size of the machine, how much per injection, so as to determine the product ranking mode and the number of holes. The more the number of moulds produced, the lower the cost of injection moulding. Because the cost of injection moulding is calculated according to injection order.


  1. Product Appearance

According to the product appearance requirements, determine the parting surface. The position of parting surface should be beneficial to die processing, exhaust, demoulding, etc. The more products, the greater the hidden danger of appearance problems.


  1. Gate mode

Determine the shape, size and exhaust direction of the main and branch channels. The cost of hot runner die is high, but the cost of nozzle is saved. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on how users choose.


  1. Product demoulding

The more the ejection position is, the higher the cost of the mould will be.

In the design of plastic injection mould, the shrinkage and injection time of the product should also be considered, and the cooling or heating forms should be determined and the cooling channel should be arranged side by side. Considering the die life, the hardness, thickness and size of die material are determined. And the difficulty of processing, to determine the shape of the forming parts split and do a good job of the secant structure. As long as the above steps are well synthesized, a more comprehensive analysis and trade-offs can be made, the cost can be effectively saved.



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