In JasonMould, after completing a new set of plastic moulds, test moulds are an indispensable part before mass injection moulding. The quality of the test results will directly affect the follow-up production of the factory. Therefore, in order to promote the large-scale production of plastic mould products, it is necessary to follow reasonable operation steps and record the technical parameters in the process of test.


Notices for plastic mould before test:


Whether the mould has been assembled or not. Secondly, attention should be paid to the gate position and feeding mode of the plastic mould, as well as gate size and cavity size, so as to select the appropriate injection pressure, injection speed and material consumption. After preheating the plastic mould, check carefully whether all the joints of the mould are too hard, and then confirm the bonding line and exhaust gas.



The main steps of plastic mould test are as follows:


  1. Check whether the material in the barrel is correct for drying. If different materials are used for testing and production, there may be different results.


  1. Cleaning material pipes, to thoroughly clean material pipes, prevent material mixing or debris into plastic moulds.


  1. Adjusting injection pressure and injection quantity.


  1. Reasonable adjustment to reduce the total processing cycle;


  1. Measure continuous samples and record their important parameters.


  1. Observe whether the sample meets the customer’s requirements for product accuracy and appearance. If it meets the customer’s requirements, it shows that the test is successful. If not, it is necessary to analyze the problems and solve them. Until the production of customer satisfaction samples.


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