How to improve the market competitive advantage of plastic moulds? It is necessary to start with the precision of plastic mould, the production cycle of plastic mould, the production cost of plastic mould and the service life of plastic mould.


(1) Main factors affecting mould accuracy


The main factors are the precision requirement of products, the means of mould processing, the level of mould fitter and the level of mould design.


(2) Major factors affecting the die-making cycle


The main factors are the degree of standardization, the degree of specialization of mould enterprises, the means of production and the level of mould management.


(3) Main factors affecting the cost of plastic moulds


The main factors include mould structure, mould material, mould standardization degree and processing means. Material cost accounts for 25%-30% of the cost of mould production. The processing cost of complex mould is high. The estimated cost of mould is generally 3-4 times of material cost. Moulds are particularly complex and cost five times the cost of materials.


(4) Measures to Improve the Life of Plastic Mould


Measures to improve the service life of plastic moulds include using high-quality mould materials, using reliable guidance, avoiding stress concentration in parts structure, avoiding parts processing defects, and so on. At the same time, pay attention to the sliding parts and materials, pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance of plastic moulds, can also improve the life of plastic moulds. Mould life is not the higher the better, should be in line with the batch production of products.


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