Effect of Five Systems of Injection Molding Machine

  1. Injection system


Injection system is one of the main components of injection molding machine, generally there are three main methods: plunger, screw, screw pre-plastic plunger injection. Now widely used is screw type. The effect is that in a cycle of the injection machine, a certain amount of plastic can be heated and plasticized within a specified time, and the molten plastic can be injected into the mold cavity through a screw under a certain pressure and speed. After the injection, the melt in the mold cavity must be fixed. The composition of injection system: injection system consists of plasticizing equipment and power transmission equipment. The plasticizing equipment of screw injection molding machine is mainly composed of feeding equipment, material barrel, screw rod and nozzle part. Power transfer equipment includes injection cylinder, injection seat moving cylinder and screw drive equipment (melt motor).



  1. Clamping system


The effect of the clamping system is to ensure mold closing, opening and ejecting products. At the same time, after the mold is closed, a satisfactory clamping force is supplied to the mold, so as to resist the pressure of the mold cavity when the molten plastic enters the mold cavity, avoid the mold seam and cause the bad status of the product. Composition of the clamping system: The clamping system is mainly composed of clamping equipment, adjusting structure, ejecting structure, front and rear fixed template, moving template, clamping cylinder and safety maintenance organization.


  1. Hydraulic system


Complete the injection molding machine according to the process requirements of various actions to supply power, and meet the injection molding machine parts required pressure, speed, temperature and other requirements. It is mainly composed of various hydraulic components and hydraulic auxiliary components, in which the oil pump and motor are the power source of the injection molding machine. All kinds of valves operate oil pressure and flow rate, and then satisfy the requirements of injection molding process.


  1. 4. Electric control system


Electrical control system and hydraulic system can be reasonably coordinated to complete the needle machine process requirements (pressure, temperature, speed, time) and various program actions. It is mainly composed of electrical appliances, electronic components, appearance, heater, sensors and so on. Generally, there are four kinds of manipulation methods, manual, semi-automatic, automatic and adjusted.


  1. 5. Heating / cooling system


For heating the barrel and injection nozzle, the barrel of injection molding machine generally selects the electric heating coil as heating equipment, which is installed outside the barrel and is subdivided by thermocouple. Heat passes through the wall of the cylinder to provide heat for the plasticization of materials; the cooling system is mainly used to cool the oil temperature, too high oil temperature will cause a variety of faults, so it is necessary to control the oil temperature. The other part needs to be cooled near the discharge port of the material pipe to avoid melting of the material at the discharge port, resulting in the material can not be fed properly.


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